"Restorepoint helps us maintain availability across our network. When an outage occurs, it takes us minutes to recover rather than hours.."

About Us

At Restorepoint our mission is to help organisations reduce cost and improve security by automating processes that are too time consuming or complex to perform manually.  Our solutions are used by companies around the world in multiple sectors including Finance, Telecommunications, Legal, Government, Health and Emergency Services.

Deployed in some of the most demanding environments, Restorepoints solutions enable companies to drastically simplify administration, automate time consuming processes, and continually demonstrate that they meet their security and compliance requirements.

Restorepoint was founded in the UK in 2008.

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Key Personnel

Riccardo Valente, Founder & CTO

Restorepoint was first conceived by founder Riccardo Valente, who has worked for a number of security service providers and network security resellers. Over the years, he has been responsible for designing, delivering and supporting  the network and security infrastructure of many high-profile customers. He recognised that Network Configuration Management and infrastructure documentation, if overlooked, was a major issue for both service providers and end users, potentially leading to lengthy network outages, financial loss and operational inefficiency.

He then started developing Restorepoint, to automatically manage the configuration of network and security devices. What began as a simple idea more than 10 years ago has now been translated into the most comprehensive platform for automating complex tasks across multi-vendor network, security, and storage devices.

Today, Riccardo leads our Engineering team, while still working closely with our customers, incorporating many of their challenges into our solutions.

Michael Bell, Sales Director

Michael joined the company in 2010, having previously managing major accounts for network security resellers and vendors over the past 14 years.

Michael leads our sales and marketing team, and has been responsible for driving the growth of the company through channel partnerships and internationally.

Ben Daglish, Head of Engineering

Ben leads our technical development group, where he has been instrumental in the continued development of our solutions. Prior to joining Restorepoint, Ben worked for companies including HP, Capita and BT.

A keen programmer and musician, Ben's career began in the computing gaming industry in the 1980s where he was responsible for the soundtrack to many classic 8-bit games, which he still writes and talks about in the media, in addition to performing at and hosting various conventions.


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