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Woking, UK - 20th February 2017

Universal Console 2 Enhances Single Sign On and Improved Scalability


Restorepoint, a leader in network infrastructure automation, has announced an upgrade to Universal Console, its privileged access management, session recording and automation platform. Version 2.0 introduces vendor-agnostic single sign-on, enabling IT administrators to access all network devices from one centralised management platform without making any infrastructure changes.


The solution, which provides a single management gateway for all network devices such as firewalls and servers, can now also support thousands of concurrent connections offering customers enhanced scalability and performance. This enables organisations to record all user sessions, simultaneously from any network device, offering improved data collection for auditing purposes.


In addition, Restorepoint has upgraded Universal Console’s recording and auditing features with new search capabilities. Organisations can now not only playback user sessions, but can also search the text of users’ system commands and the responses from the target host. This allows IT teams to identify bad configuration changes which might lead to outages or potential breaches and demonstrate change history to auditors. Additional new features and enhancements of the Universal Console include:


  • Connection Approval requests and Time of Day controls
  • Ability to share or monitor live Windows RSP or VNC sessions
  • Ability to assign users to Connection Groups, enabling faster user setup and granting of access permissions
  • Fully supported integration with OKTA and oAuth2 enabling organisations to gain a holistic view of access and identity management across their entire network and drive greater efficiencies.

”Networks are becoming ever more complex, supporting more users and a growing number of devices from a wide range of vendors,” commented Riccardo Valente, CTO at Restorepoint.


“This means that there are ever growing security, compliance and change management challenges, when providing access to systems for privileged users or contractors. As a result, many organisations have no visibility of who is permitted to connect to systems, often depend on shared passwords, and really struggle to maintain accurate and detailed audit trails. UC resolves those issues and reduces staff inefficiencies and support issues by providing a single point of access.”


“This new release has been shaped by the demands of our customers and by trends in the wider security and compliance market,” continued Valente. “We received numerous requests for single sign-on and could foresee the need for enhanced scalability as our solution addresses the needs of large enterprises and service providers. A recent survey found that 66% of IT professionals feel that IT complexity, and a lack of common IT management tools, is making it increasingly difficult to do their job, demonstrating a clear market demand for the solution.”


Universal Console can be deployed within a day and gives click and connect capabilities to any approved network devices including servers, firewalls, routers, and switches. Other key benefits include:

  • Eliminates the use of shared administrator user credentials and passwords
  • Monitors and records all administrator sessions and activities for change tracking, audits or training. Includes playback features that allow you to visually review user input and output and all the actions performed during the session.
  • Defines access policies to restrict administrator actions, preventing the ability to hop between systems or prevent commands from being executed. Policy violations can generate alerts, block commands from being sent, disconnect users or prevent further access.
  • Collaborates with other administrators on changes or troubleshooting, using shared terminal, Windows RDP or VNC sessions to minimise misconfiguration and outages.
  • Automates change management tasks with UC Applets; easily create scripted actions to perform repetitive tasks or changes, including automatic log-ins, password changes, or automating web sessions (including performing “clicks” or filling forms)
  • Saves time by performing task or executing applets simultaneously on multiple systems.

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