Restorepoint Appliances

Restorepoint is a solution that provides protection, compliance and remote management for multi-vendor network infrastructures.  Easily deployed as a Virtual or dedicated appliance, Restorepoint can help you automate key network configuration and security administration tasks that are too time consuming and complex to be performed manually.

Supports 1,000+ Devices*

1U Appliance

Hardware RAID-5

Redundant 350W PSU

Supports 500 Devices*

1U Appliance

Software RAID

Single 250W PSU

Free 30 Day Trial

Virtual Appliance

The Restorepoint Virtual Appliance is can be easily deployed running on VMware ESX 4 or above. Our solution requires no training or complicated installation. Just download and start automating in minutes.

Hardware Appliances

Restorepoints offers a choice of hardware appliances to match customers requirements for scalability and redundancy.

System Requirements:

VMware ESX 4 or above


256 GB allocated disk space (VM Size 600MB)

RSP-530 Appliance

Supports 1,000 Devices*

1U Appliance

Hardware RAID

Single 250W PSU

RSP-1020 Appliance

RSP-2020 Appliance

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* Number of devices may vary depending on configuration retention settings and configuration backup sizes

Supported Vendors Include:

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