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Universal Console

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See how Universal Console can help you secure access and simplify administration of network devices and servers

VMware ESX 4 or above


256 GB allocated disk space (VM Size 600MB)


Universal Console 200

1U Appliance

Hardware RAID-1

Dual 350W PSU


Universal Console 400

1U Appliance

Hardware RAID-5

Dual 350W PSU

UC Appliances


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Desktop Browser capable of Javascript and WebSockets required


Your Infrastructure consists of multiple devices such as routers, switches, firewalls and servers, each with their own methods of access,  management and security.  Do you have a single view of every device, who can access it, and how they should be managed?

Universal Console acts a single access gateway to all of your devices, eliminating two of the most common security risks today: privileged user access and unified audit controls.

Today: Administrators are able to connect directly to systems, often using shared credentials, leading to major security risks and no audit trail.

Universal Console simplifies and manages access to systems. All administration activities are recorded and mapped to individual users for full auditing

Product Tour

Increase security

•   Eliminate the use of shared administrator user credentials and passwords

•   Quickly grant or revoke user access to systems without modifying the host system, instead of managing individual user accounts or having to change passwords when an employee or contractor starts at or leaves your organisation.

•   Monitor and Record all administrator connections and activities for change tracking, audits or training. Includes playback features that allow you to see what a user saw and the actions they performed.

•   Define access policies to restrict what actions administrators can be performed. For instance, prevent the ability to hop between systems. Policy violations can generate alerts, disconnect, or ban user access.

•   Integration with Strong Authentication systems via RADIUS, LDAP, SAML and OAuth 2


Simplify Management & Access

•   Connect to servers, firewalls, routers, switches and other network devices using just a web browser

•   Click and Connect to any approved device, no need to remember passwords for each system

•   Collaborate with other administrators on changes or troubleshooting using shared terminal sessions to minimise misconfiguration and outages.

•   Automate tasks with UC Applets; easily create scripted actions to perform repetitive tasks or changes. Other examples include automatic log-ins, password changes, or automating web sessions (including performing “clicks” or filling forms)

•   Save time by sending the same commands or UC Applets to  multiple systems simultaneously

Centralise access to network devices and servers

Connect to any approved device using just a browser

Easily grant or revoke user access to systems

Powerful auditing features including session playback

Control multiple systems simultaneously

Easily create scripted Applets to automate change

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