Restorepoint, the market leader in network infrastructure automation, announced today at the Check Point Experience, the launch of Universal Console, a unique solution that enables businesses to regain control over infrastructure access, improve security, and automate repetitive tasks. 

Universal Console (UC) acts a single access gateway, to network devices and servers, simplifying management and eliminating two of the most common security risks today: privileged user access and lack of unified audit controls. UC can be deployed quickly as a dedicated appliance or virtual appliance running on VMware, providing administrators access to devices using just a web browser and without requiring any network changes. 

 "Organisations find it harder than they should to control access to their network devices or servers” says Michael Bell, Director at Restorepoint. “Networks are never made up of single vendor solutions with a single management solution, which means that providing or removing access to systems for privileged users or contractors is time consuming. Often device or server user accounts are shared amongst administrators for simplicity, but this means that organisations carry higher security risks than perhaps policies might dictate, and there is no audit trail of user activities.” 

 “Using UC, you can provide or remove access to a device or server in seconds, recording all sessions, without making changes to the target devices, or the need for desktop software. UC essentially acts as a web based portal, that proxies administrators connections to devices, or remote control sessions of servers, using just a web browser. Organisations we’ve spoken to really value the simplicity of access, the way in which they can automate changes, and the fact we’re able to it record everything means they can go beyond what appears in a log file and actually see who did what and when”Universal Console Benefits

  • Click and Connect to any approved devices including servers, firewalls, routers, switches or other network devices using just a web browser;
  • Eliminate the use of shared administrator user credentials and passwords;
  • Quickly grant or revoke access to systems when an employee or contractor starts at, or leaves your organisation.
  • Monitor and Record all administrator sessions and activities for change tracking, audits or training. Includes playback features that allow you to visually review user input and output and all the actions performed during the session.
  • Define access policies to restrict what administrator actions, for instance, preventing the ability to hop between systems. Policy violations can generate alerts, disconnect users or ban them from UC.
  • Collaborate with other administrators on changes or troubleshooting using shared terminal sessions to minimise misconfiguration and outages.
  • Automate tasks with UC Applets; easily create scripted actions to perform repetitive tasks or changes, including automatic log-ins, password changes, or automating web sessions (including performing “clicks” or filling forms)
  • Save time by performing task or executing applets simultaneously on multiple systems.

Universal Console is available as a virtual or physical appliance. To learn more or to evaluate visit

About Restorepoint:

Restorepoint's mission is to help organisations reduce cost and improve security by automating processes that are too time consuming or complex to perform manually.  Our solutions are used by companies around the world in multiple sectors including Finance, Telecommunications, Legal, Government, Health and Emergency Services.Deployed in some of the most demanding environments, Restorepoint’s solutions enable companies to drastically simplify administration, automate time consuming processes, and continually demonstrate that they meet their security and compliance requirements.

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