In the digital era, businesses rely on technology more than ever before. Network reliability is paramount to every organization's day-to-day operations and unscheduled network outages can have disastrous consequences. 

Hardware failures, upgrade errors, data inputting mistakes and monitoring oversights can be extremely costly in both reputational and financial terms. Manual management of network devices is the norm in most organizations and with administrators left to oversee the process, the possibility of human error is a real threat. As cybercrime evolves and becomes increasingly intelligent, a secure and reliable network is a vital line of defense in every organization's infrastructure. 

Centralizing and automating networking devices eases the dependence on administrators, alleviating mistakes caused by human error and saving time. A centralized network management system provides administrators with complete visibility over all network devices. This enables administrators to efficiently monitor network health, manage compliance checks and restore outages quickly, drastically reducing downtimes and costs and increasing efficiency.


Restorepoint’s unique automation platform provides network protection, compliance, and remote management. Administrators can manage multi-vendor configuration backup, change automation and compliance analysis, providing a fully compliant, automated network solution.

A simple one-click recovery process restores network service in a matter of seconds, giving customers complete network protection from lengthy and costly outages. With no scripting or manual processes required, organizations can eliminate downtime boosting performance and productivity. 

By using Restorepoint to monitor network devices, configuration changes are immediately detected and notified. This ensures that customers adhere to compliance regulations with minimal input and without the need for manual network scans.

Using the existing configuration data held within stored configuration backups, customers can quickly create a series of alerts to notify them when devices breach their compliance policies. Restorepoint’s asset management database also enables quick and easy network inventory tracking, providing an all-in-one solution to network device management.

By automating the process of new device configuration using templates and bulk changes, customers can reduce network management costs. Commands, future changes and complex modifications to multiple devices can be set to run to a chosen time and date schedule, repeating where necessary and providing customers with a clear procedural overview.


Using the Restorepoint PowerPack adds key network automation and compliance auditing capabilities to SL1, enabling customers to reduce network downtime, manage changes and demonstrate their networks meets internal or external compliance requirements.

How it works:

  • All Restorepoint functions are available via a tab in the SL1 interface
  • The ScienceLogic PowerPack uses the Restorepoint API to synchronize network device information from SL1 to Restorepoint. This includes:
  • IP address
  • Device type
  • Domain - Used by MSPs to segregate management of customers
  • Device credentials
  • Restorepoint send alerts to SL1, including backup, compliance and change statuses
  • SL1 runbook automations collect logs and the latest device configurations upon change

Through the technology partnership, ScienceLogic and Restorepoint will help organizations increase security, compliance and availability whilst providing time and cost savings.

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