Control, Monitor and Audit access without changing your infrastructure

As demand for more applications, servers and network infrastructure
grows, it's easy to understand how companies find it increasingly difficult
to manage effectively. With so many different platforms to control, it's not surprising that system administration has become more labour intensive and inherently less secure than corporate policies and regulations dictate.

Universal Console (UC) is a solution that acts a single access gateway to all of your devices, controlling, monitoring and auditing access to network devices and servers. Unlike most Privileged Access Management solutions that require weeks or months to deploy, you can start taking control of privileged users such as system administrators, contractors and third parties today.

Universal Console Privileged Access Management

Privileged Access Management

Control privileged users such as System Administrators, Contractors, and Third Parties

  • Quickly increase security by centralising access to network devices and servers

  • Grant access for new employees, or revoke access for users leaving the company in seconds

  • Eliminate the use of shared credentials and passwords that weaken security and prevent audit trails

  • Provide single sign-on to any network device or server

  • Integrate with popular authentication methods such as RADIUS, LDAP (including Active Directory Groups), oAuth, SAML, and Ping-ID

Increase Security & Compliance

Demonstrate regulatory compliance with Session Recording

  • Monitor and Record all administrator connections and activities for change tracking, audits or training.

  • Ability to Monitor sessions in real time, and Terminate if needed

  • See what actions privileged users performed using session playback.

  • Search session history to see when users connected to devices, and even search the text input or output of sessions with network devices.

  • Configure Connection Policies to Whitelist or Blacklist the types of commands that can or must not be performed during sessions

  • Restrict access to certain devices using time-of-day controls

  • Use Connection Approval to allow access to devices on demand

Connect users to any device using their web browser

Simplifies desktop support and ensures a common user experience

  • Connect to servers, firewalls, and other network devices using just a web browser

  • Lowers support costs and simplifies connectivity

  • Universal Console converts the native session over protocols such as RDP and SSH to HTML 5

  • Ideal for Remote Access by employees, contractors or third party/support companies

  • Supported protocols include: SSH, Telnet, RDP, RFB (VNC), HTTP, HTTPS, and FTP, SCP, SFTP, and CIFS for file transfer.

Task Automation & Collaboration

Work with others, and automate repetitive tasks

  • Collaborate with other administrators on changes or troubleshooting using shared terminal and RDP sessions to minimise misconfiguration and outages.

  • Automate tasks with UC Applets; easily create scripted actions to perform repetitive tasks or changes. Other examples include automatic log-ins, password changes, or automating web sessions (including performing “clicks” or filling forms)

  • Save time by sending the same commands or UC Applets to  multiple systems simultaneously

Deployment Options

Universal Console can be quickly deployed as a Virtual or Hardware appliance,  and requires no other additional software, costly server licenses, databases or administrative overhead.

Virtual appliances

Single virtual processor
8GB RAM for Production Environments (4GB for evaluation)
Scalable from 256GB
(20GB storage for evaluation)

Hardware appliances

Universal Console Privileged Access Appliance
1U Appliance
4 x 2TB Hard Drives
Hardware RAID
Dual Power 350W PSU
Universal Console Privileged Access Appliance
1U Appliance
4 x 4TB Hard Drives
Hardware RAID
Dual Power 350W PSU