Restorepoint provides script-free network automation for more than 100 network, security, and storage vendors.
Deployed in less than an hour, Restorepoint helps organisations to substantially lower their exposure to often unforeseen security, compliance, and availability risks.

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Automate Network Device Backup

Ensure you're able to recover from network outages, configuration errors or security breaches.

Most companies have a solution to manage backup of their data, but legacy backup tools don't support network devices such as Firewalls, Load Balancers, Switches and Routers. This leaves companies exposed to costly network outages and compliance failures because standards such as PCI, GDPR, NERC and SOX require network device configurations to be backed up regularly, inspected, and stored securely.

Restorepoint automates network configuration backup and provides 1-Click automated recovery, ensuring you can restore network availability following hardware failures, bad changes, or security breaches. With out-of-the-box support for more than 100 network, security, and storage vendors, you can quickly save time and eliminate the need to maintain complex backup scripts.

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Network Configuration Backup
Network Configuration Backup

Automate Network Compliance Audits

Detect configuration changes and compliance failures automatically

Internal and regulatory standards require network and security administrators to regularly audit their network devices, to ensure standardisation, security and compliance. This often requires administrators to manually check network devices against policies, consuming hours of administration time per month.

Restorepoint can automatically audit your network estate, performing configuration and device health checks at scale. Compliance policies can be created quickly and applied to multiple devices, enabling you to have a continuous view of compliance status.

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Accelerate Network Change Management

Make changes to devices, configurations or firmware in seconds not days

Network administrators often have to repeat changes to network devices, requiring many hours, or even days of administration time which could be spent elsewhere.

Restorepoint automates changes in bulk, allowing you to push commands to multiple devices, re-configure them using configuration templates, or to upgrade device software.

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Encrypt network configuration data

Connect & Record access to network devices

Simplify access to network devices using the built-in web terminal, and record session activities

Managing and recording privileged access can be complex, particularly for network devices which are often administered using a desktop terminal application such as putty.

Restorepoint simplifies access, helps companies track changes, and records activities for compliance. Quickly connect authorised users to network devices with a Web-based Terminal.

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Track Network Inventory without Spreadsheets

Automatic tracking of network assets improves accuracy and saves administration time

Companies often struggle to understand what devices they have on their network, and no matter how much time you have, keeping an up-to-date asset inventory can be nearly impossible.

Restorepoints customisable asset management tracking capability enables you to automatically track live asset data including, location, manufacturer, model no, firmware and more.

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