Automate Network Change Management

Managing networks can be time-consuming and overly complicated, even when making simple changes. Restorepoint reduces network management costs by simplifying administration and the time required to implement bulk network changes or to roll-out new devices.

Make bulk network changes in seconds

Network configuration changes are often time consuming and overly complex operations, requiring administrators to perform the same repetitive changes or write complex scripts that provide little visibility of success. Restorepoint enables administrators to automate network change processes, make complex network configuration changes in seconds, and see the results.

  1. Save hours of administration time by automating repetitive network configuration changes with Device Control

  2. Send CLI commands to multiple devices, including Variable input for unique changes

  3. Use powerful LUA scripts to make more complex network changes that require loops, or conditional decisions based on the output produced by individual devices

  4. Watch the progress of Device Control, and the response (CLI Output) from each device

  5. Automate by scheduling network commands to be sent at a later time, or on a repeating schedule

Automate bulk network changes

Standardise network devices using Device Templates

Standardising network configurations is important to ensure availability and that internal build requirements or security standards are met, but is often too difficult to achieve. Using Restorepoint, you can reconfigure multiple existing network devices or provision new network devices in minutes.

  1. Create Device Templates from existing network configuration files

  2. Easily insert Variable parameters for the properties that will be unique on each network device, for example local IP addresses, host name etc.

  3. Watch the progress of Device Control, and the response (CLI Output) from each network device

Connect to network devices using Click-to-Terminal and Record the changes administrators make

For many organisations compliance requirements dictate that changes to network devices need to be recorded for compliance. If you need the ability to record and log administrators actions, or just to simplify access, Restorepoint makes network change management easy.

  1. Connect to network devices quickly using just your web browser.

  2. Restorepoint uses the same device credentials you use to perform backups, but maps your Identity to the session.

  3. Full session recording allows you to playback the session, and see exactly what was changed, and by which user.

  4. All sessions can be searched for user input and device output

  5. No need for Putty clients, connect to any device that support SSH or Telnet connections.

Manage firmware updates centrally

Rolling out firmware updates to your network devices should be easy, but often takes days or weeks to manage manually. With Restorepoint you can quickly manage rollouts to ensure your network is secure and consistent.

  1. Centralise storage of network device software and documentation

  2. Easily push firmware updates to multiple devices

  3. Supports network device types from vendors including Cisco, Check Point, Palo Alto, f5, Fortinet, Juniper, HP and Accedian

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