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Centrally backup all of your network devices for disaster recovery and compliance

Every organisation depends on the availability and security of its network infrastructure to provide the applications and services that drive their businesses.  Even a short network outage caused by hardware failure or misconfiguration can lead to significant financial loss and loss of productivity. Unlike server infrastructure, where many solutions exist for disaster recovery, network configuration management and backing up network devices is a complex and often manual task.

Restorepoint is a cost-effective network backup solution that provides automated backup and 1-click recovery for multi-vendor network, security and storage devices. With out-of-the-box support for more than 100 vendors, Restorepoint is a network configuration management tool that allows customers to quickly automate disaster recovery processes and run network backups that often take hours to perform.

Manage Network Configuration Backup Centrally

  1. Out of the box support for hundreds of network device types such as Firewalls, Switches, Proxies, Routers, and Load Balancers

  2. Save hours of administration per week, backup network configurations without complex scripts or manual process

  3. Comply to standards including PCI, GDPR, and NERC that require network configurations to be backed up and stored securely

  4. Verifies network device backups are complete (Checks include: MD5 Checksum, file size, file content, file corruption)

  5. Protects sensitive configuration data using AES encryption for security

  6. Multi-tenancy and Role-based-access controls, ideal for managed service providers and IT service businesses

Recover from hardware failure or misconfiguration in seconds

Restorepoint's network backup solution can help you quickly recover from network outages caused by hardware failures, misconfiguration errors, or security breaches.

  • Restore network configurations using a simple 1-Click process, No vendor training required

  • Restorepoint only stores unique versions of your network configurations enabling you to quickly compare the differences in versions, or even with another device of the same type

  • Configurations can also be automatically exported for storage on other servers via FTP/SFTP/CIFS and cloud storage (Amazon S3)

Get your backup automation setup in under an hour

The Restorepoint software can be deployed and can begin backing up your network, security and storage devices in less than an hour:

  1. Import network devices from an asset management spreadsheet (CSV file) you already have .

  2. Supports Device Discovery and automatic import using a number of methods to identify the device types, including ping, SNMP, TCP Fingerprinting, service banners, http headers, known ports.

  3. Devices can also be added and updated from other products such as network monitoring or network provisioning tools using the Restorepoint JSON API.

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