Network Asset Management

If you're using a spreadsheet to track your network devices, you'll know they require frequent updates to stay current. Restorepoint can track the asset data you need using live information fetched from your network devices and you can create as many custom fields you need to replace your ageing spreadsheets.

Automatically discover and track your assets

  1. Forget about maintaining asset management spreadsheets

  2. Restorepoint can use Discovery scans to import your network devices, backup their configurations for disaster recovery, and track asset information automatically

  3. Restorepoint tracks key asset information including: IP addresses, Locations, Serial Numbers, Device Models, and Licenses

Automate Network Asset Management
Customise Fields for Network Asset Management

Customise to suit your needs

  1. Create custom fields to track specific information, notes, or to store files centrally

  2. Use smart date fields to track and alert you of approaching support renewals, warranty or license expirations

  3. Update asset information from other network management or provisioning tools using the Restorepoint JSON API

Asset Management Reporting

  1. Quickly create asset management reports in HTML, PDF, XML or CSV formats

  2. Schedule reports to be sent to groups of users ona repeating schedule

  3. Integrate with other platforms such as monitoring or SIEM tools using the Restorepoint JSON API

Automate Network Asset Management Reporting
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