Simplify Network Compliance Auditing

Network compliance audits can be time-consuming and a drain on resources. Many network audit tools and checklists still require manual configuration to ensure that security compliance standards are met. Automated compliance monitoring can save you time and simplify your compliance audit procedures.

By automating network security compliance checks, Restorepoint can quickly help you manage network compliance auditing and reporting, saving most companies days of manual administration per month. Whether you need to meet security standards, regulatory standards, best practice or ensure your devices meet internal build standards, Restorepoint can automate the network audits and checks you need to always be compliant.

See compliance status and score from the device list
Centralise network compliance auditing
Apply multiple compliance policies to a device. See rule violations on the device settings, in scheduled reports or alerts can be generated.
Network device compliance violation rules
Flexible compliance checks can use a mix of rules including "Configuration Must / Must  not match" phrases or Regex
Network compliance checks analyse regex  phrase match
Use Runtime or Scheduled CLI commands to perform device Status / Health Checks
Network compliance checks analyse CLI Command Output
LUA Scripts can also be used to perform advanced compliance checks using IF, THEN conditions and loops
Network compliance analysis script IF THEN logic
  • Get continuous visibility of your networks compliance status

  • Meet internal, best practice or external network security standards such as PCI, GDPR, ITIL, ISO27001, NIST, SOX and HIPAA

  • Automatically detect changes in network configurations, and generate alerts when devices no longer meet baselines

  • Quickly build network configuration compliance policies that test devices configurations at the point of backup. Rules can use Phrases, Regex or LUA scripts to evaluate multiple conditions using IF, THEN logic

  • Compliance rules can also use Configuration Templates, to ensure that devices match the configuration of an approved device of the same type.

  • Send CLI commands to network devices and analyse the output, ideal for performing network device health checks or to test system properties not stored in a configuration file.

  • Check Device Firmware to ensure devices are using approved versions

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