Network outages can be enormously disruptive, impacting daily operations, profitability and business reputation. Human error, individual network device failure and increasingly sophisticated cybercriminals, as well as the highly complex and dynamic nature of modern infrastructures, mean that network integrity is under increasing pressure.

To overcome these challenges, customers need a centralized and automated means of managing network devices. By centralizing labour-intensive tasks such as network configuration backup and compliance checks, customers can gain complete visibility of their network’s health and be ready to recover from an outage, minimizing downtime and associated costs.

Restorepoint Solution

Restorepoint is a network and security automation platform, which provides protection, compliance and remote management for multi-vendor network infrastructures. It incorporates three key elements: multi-vendor configuration backup, compliance analysis and change automation, delivering a united, automated, fully compliant, documented and backed-up network infrastructure.

Most companies still rely on traditional scripting techniques or manual process to manage the backup, storage and documentation of their network. This requires considerable time and expertise to maintain, often resulting in extended downtime because companies aren’t aware their processes are out of date or not functioning correctly. With Restorepoint’s simple one-click recovery process, customers can protect their network from extended outages and restore normal service in seconds.

Restorepoint’s compliance engine provides customers with continual visibility of compliance status by automatically detecting changes in configuration, and assessing a device’s compliance without intrusive network scans.

By leveraging the configuration data already held in stored configuration backups against a customer’s compliance policies, customers can be alerted when a device violates their policy or no longer meets approved baselines. Restorepoint can also be used to track network inventory using the in-built asset management database instead of cumbersome spreadsheets.

Network management costs can be further reduced by using Restorepoint to automate bulk changes, or to provision new devices using configuration templates. Users can easily send commands or push more complex changes to multiple devices or schedule future changes to be run at a later date or on a repeating schedule.

Integrated Solution

By partnering with the leading provider of network security solutions, Restorepoint has full support for all Check Point solutions. Restorepoint provides automated backup, recovery, compliance management, and change and software management for all Check Point platforms.

Through our technology partnership, Check Point and Restorepoint help organizations increase security, compliance and availability whilst saving many hours of administration time per week. Organizations are able to eliminate complex and often unreliable scripted operations, and gain centralised visibility of all vendor platforms and asset information including Check Point certificate keys (CK), license information, product model, serial numbers, software versions, hotfixes and more.