Organisations now depend on the availability of their network infrastructure more than ever to provide the applications and services that drive their businesses.  Even a short network outage caused by hardware failure or misconfiguration can lead to significant financial loss and loss of productivity. Ensuring that your network remains available and secure is typically a time-consuming process, with hours of network and security administrators’ time required each week just to perform basic but vital operations.

Palo Alto Networks and Restorepoint’s integration

Restorepoint is a multi-vendor network automation platform that delivers essential disaster recovery, compliance and change management capabilities for enterprise networks.

Network administrators can save valuable time by centralising the management of Palo Alto Next Generation Firewall and Panorama platforms alongside other multi-vendor network devices. Restorepoint can automate configuration backups for disaster recovery, analyse configurations to ensure standardisation and compliance, and help administrators automate bulk changes and software upgrades to their Palo Alto devices.

Palo Alto Networks Backup, Compliance and Change Automation

Use Case 1: Challenge: Backup/Restore network devices

Unlike server infrastructure, where many solutions exist for disaster recovery, managing backup of network devices is a complex and often manual task. Restorepoint provides out-of-the-box support for Palo Alto Next GenerationFirewalls, Panorama and devices from more than 100 other vendors. Backups can be quickly scheduled using a single point-and-click solution instead of scripts. Backups are verified to be complete and encrypted within the security-hardened appliance, protecting the sensitive network configuration information, which might otherwise be stored on an unprotected server.

Use Case 2:  Challenge:Detect changes and automate compliance analysis for audit and security purposes

Restorepoint’s built-in compliance feature allows configuration and status checks to be quickly automated for Palo Alto devices. Quickly define and apply policies to check that devices are configured correctly and meet internal or external compliance policies. Compliance checks can be performed on configuration files and firmware at the point of backup, and also perform scheduled health or status checks to ensure smooth network operations.

Use Case 3: Challenge: Configuration Restore

When hardware failure or misconfiguration caused by human error happens, network administrators are under pressure to restore the affected device as quickly as possible to minimise outage costs.Recovery time normally depends on the availability of skilled engineers, replacement hardware and crucially, a current backup of the affected device.  Restorepoint provides 1-ClickRecovery that enables even untrained engineers to quickly restore service in seconds.

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