Automate backup for Extreme Networks devices without scripts

Extreme Networks® configuration backup is the process of making a copy of the complete configuration and settings for Extreme Networks devices. Configuration backups allow network administrators to recover quickly from a device failure, roll back from misconfiguration or simply revert a device to a previous state.

Because configurations change in time, configuration backups for Extreme Networks should be created regularly and stored in a secure location.

Restorepoint includes support for the following Extreme Networks device types:

  • ExtremeWare Switches
  • Extreme XOS Devices
  • Extreme BOSS
  • Extreme VOSS
  • Extreme WING

Notes about this Restorepoint plugin:

  • Restorepoint backs up the following:
  • The main Extreme switch XML configuration; this is usually primary.cfg, but Restorepoint will detect the file name from the switch.
  • Any policy files that are referenced by the configuration.
  • A plain text representation of the active configuration (Running Config). This cannot be restored to the switch; the XML configuration should be used instead.
  • Restorepoint will use telnet to connect to the device, and the device will use TFTP to transfer its configuration to Restorepoint. Please ensure that ports 23/tcp and 69/udp are not blocked by any firewalls between Restorepoint and the device.
  • If no virtual router is specified, Restorepoint uses vr-default.

Restorepoint enables organisations to remove network management complexity by putting routine tasks such as network configuration backup, compliance and change management tasks on autopilot across their multi-vendor network infrastructure.

Using Restorepoint's simple graphical user interface network administrators can quickly schedule network device backups without scripts, analyse devices to ensure security, compliance and automate bulk changes that would otherwise take hours or days to implement manually. Learn more about how Restorepoint how you can save time and ensure you meet your disaster recovery and compliance needs.