Our Beginnings

Restorepoint was founded in 2008 with a simple but clear vision: we wanted to build a platform that would centrally manage multi-vendor network and security technologies. Automating the manual, error-prone and often overlooked processes of backing up the valuable network configurations from firewalls, switches and routers, which were often lost or incomplete when customers needed them most, during a network outage.

We’ve continually developed, enhanced and grown to the point that Restorepoint has become known as a pioneer in the configuration and compliance management of multi-vendor network and security infrastructures by service providers, financial services organisations and enterprise businesses.


Our Core Values

Everyone at Restorepoint, a ScienceLogic company, matters. This is one of the five bedrock values of our company. And because we honor the talents and contributions of our people, they extend that high level of commitment and respect to you.

Our other core values include “Be nerdy,” “Empower success,” “Create wow,” and “Be bold.” See how these five core values work together to create a corporate culture that fosters creativity, collaboration, and excellence every day.

Our People

At Restorepoint, our people are challenged, empowered, and encouraged every day. Creativity, energy, and community are the lifeblood of our corporate culture.

Join our team and prepare to do amazing things.

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Joining the ScienceLogic Family

In September 2021, Restorepoint was acquired by ScienceLogic a leader in AIOps and hybrid-cloud IT management “Together with ScienceLogic, we look forward to continuing to grow and build on the standards of excellence we have set in saving customers the costs of disruption and lowering their exposure to often-unforeseen risks,” said Restorepoint CEO and Founder Riccardo Valente.

Operating as part of the ScienceLogic family, our customers and reseller partners benefit from the vast market presence, technical expertise and reputation for excellence that they are known for. This allows us to continue to focus on what really matters to us - delivering market-leading network solutions and support.


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What Customers are Saying

We have measured considerable time savings using Restorepoint and it has eliminated the need to use multiple vendor consoles to compare different configuration revisions. It's a powerful and reliable tool for network professionals. - Elisa Santa Monica OY

Restorepoint allows us to choose a point in time and compare network changes that have been made. This allows us to troubleshoot and identify which change has caused the issue. - Greenergy


We’ve never had such a professional and excellent support with other software vendors. Restorepoint is setting a new standard. - Continental Tyres

Restorepoint provides us with a really efficient method of managing our backups and enables us to easily track network changes for compliance standards, such as PCI and HIPAA…audits are now a breeze! - Phreesia, Inc.

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