Restorepoint v5.5 is Available Now

New Restorepoint version includes support for Oracle Linux, plus CrowdStrike and CyberArk integration

Restorepoint v5.5. is now available to customers, providing enhanced features, support for the Oracle Linux operating system, and additional security options for customers of CrowdStrike and CyberArk.

Here’s what’s new and improved:-

  • CyberArk can now be integrated with Restorepoint. This enables CyberArk customers who also use Restorepoint to improve security, and to automatically retrieve device credentials directly from a CyberArk Vault on demand. More information about adding CyberArk as a Credential Provider and the setup of Credentials Sets is available in the v5.5 User Guide
  • CrowdStrike customers can now add endpoint protection to their Restorepoint Agent deployments by installing the the CrowdStrike Falcon Sensor. Information about installing the Falcon Sensor via SSH can be found in the v5.5 User Guide.
  • Oracle Linux 8 (OL8) is being introduced as our OS platform, moving away from CentOS. Customers who wish to migrate to a new OL8-based VM will need to upgrade their current environment to v5.5 and the follow the instructions in our Migration Guide.
  • Reporting - v5.5 includes a new UI for our reporting engine. Existing reports and the prior reporting UI are still available by clicking the Old UI button.

Version 5.5 is available as an automated upgrade to customers currently using version 5.4.

For customers running v5.3, please request an upgrade by emailing

If you have any queries please reach out to Restorepoint support.

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