Restorepoint v5.4 is Here

New version with improved performance now available

We are delighted to announce the release of Restorepoint v5.4.

This update has two main components.

The first is a focus on user experience and usability. Our fresh, newly designed user interface provides a cleaner and faster user experience, with improvements to device search and new device Labeling functionality designed to help users better target actions for groups of devices.

The second significant update for this release is in respect of integration functionality. The new REST API is specified with OpenAPI, providing customers with greater flexibility and the ability to generate code for their integrations. Restorepoint v5.4 also provides single-sign on with SAML and supports Azure object storage. With over 60% of code rewritten from v5.3, v5.4 offers improved performance and scalability.

The full list of improvements for this update is as follows:

New User Interface:

  • Redesigned GUI
  • Improved workflows and customer experience
  • Custom device labelling improving UX for users grouping and locating devices
  • New logic-based device search
New User Interface
Speed and Logic Based Search


  • New REST API specified with OpenAPI so that customers can generate client code for their integrations
  • Single-sign-on with SAML
  • Support Azure object storage

Additional Improvements:

  • Firmware upgrades are now supported via Agents
  • Lua performance improvements so plugins and custom device commands run faster
  • Reduced update bundle sizes

Existing customers can try v5.4 in your environment before you upgrade by completing the form below.

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