We’re delighted to be sponsoring the Check Point <secure> Virtual Summit</secure> events, taking place in the UK and the Americas, this July. 

The Check Point <secure> Summits are virtual experiences where Check Point’s leading experts will discuss the impact of the global pandemic on cybersecurity vulnerabilities, risks, and strategies, showcasing what organizations should focus on to secure business today and in the future. </secure>

Visit our friendly Restorepoint sales team at our virtual booths and learn how you can enhance resilience, automate tasks, manage compliance, and control access by privileged users to your network infrastructure. 

Check Point <secure> UK and Ireland</secure>

Wednesday, 15th July – Thursday, 16th July 2020

9 am GMT

Check Point <secure> Americas</secure>

Thursday, July 23rd

About Check Point <secure> Virtual Summit</secure>


The technological outcome of the last few months has accelerated the pace of digital transformation and cloud adoption for organizations, requiring new remote access infrastructure for employees. These changes have attracted the attention of cybercriminals. As we move into the new normal, we can’t afford to take for granted our ability to stay connected and to be protected. The new normal requires an updated approach to cyber security.


How can you ensure that your organization is secure and ready for the new normal? In our virtual event, we’ll share post-pandemic Cyber Security landscape analysis, core insights and actionable business strategies for you to consider as your organization moves to the new reality.

About Restorepoint

Restorepoint provides script-free network automation for more than 100 network, security, and storage vendors.

Deployed in less than an hour, Restorepoint helps organizations to substantially lower their exposure to often unforeseen security, compliance, and availability risks. Take a look at the Restorepoint features here.

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