Restorepoint, the market leader in network infrastructure automation, delivers new features that enhance its change detection and compliance engine. Customers and Service Providers can not only be alerted when changes in configuration or compliance status are detected, but can also configure remediation actions, including the ability to remove non-compliant elements in a device configuration. The compliance engine is fully automatic and validates configurations each time Restorepoint performs a backup of a network device.

The following is a summary of all the new features in this release: 

Configuration Baselines

Configurations stored in Restorepoint can be marked as a baseline by an administrator; this identifies an "approved" or "compliant" state of a device. Each time Restorepoint retrieves a new configuration, it automatically analyses it and raises a compliance violation alert if it does not match any of the stored baseline versions. This feature allows organisations to easily set configuration standards to meet compliance requirements such as PCI, ISO27001/2 and ITIL by continually auditing network configurations against approved versions.


Administrators can configure remediation actions that are executed when a compliance violation is detected. Actions can range from instructions on how to rectify the violation manually, to automatic device reconfiguration and removal of the non-compliant elements following a change in configuration.

Firmware and Serial number detection

Asset tracking functionality is now enhanced to include Firmware and Serial Number detection for supported devices. This enables network administrators to save time and maintain a live catalog of network device asset data rather than connecting to each device on the network and storing the information in spreadsheets.

Custom Views

Configurable views allow Restorepoint administrators to customise the device management, configuration list and log view screens to suit their needs. Restorepoint appliances are often used by organisations with hundreds of devices and multiple administrators; this new functionality allows each administrator to define and store views that enable them to analyse, manage and report on the network devices they are responsible for quickly and more effectively.

"The new configuration baseline and remediation features are powerful additions to the Restorepoint platform" Michael Bell, Restorepoint's Director of Sales Operations said. "Our customers are now able to not only centrally backup their network and security configurations, but analyse them automatically for change or compliance violations and remediate where necessary. The great thing about Restorepoint is that this is a set and forget process, our appliances perform this analysis each and every time we backup multi-vendor devices including routers, switches and firewalls" 

All existing customer appliances will receive the new features as part of an automatic update from the 9th of July. Evaluation licenses of Restorepoint including these new features are available at:


About Restorepoint

The Restorepoint platform is a cost effective solution helps increase network availability, maintain network SLAs and compliance standards by simplifying and automating time consuming network operations.

Restorepoint is a brand name of TADASoft, the market leaders in network configuration management for complex multi-vendor networks. Restorepoint enables organisations to meet their business continuity and compliance requirements by automating time consuming processes such as network configuration backup, configuration change tracking, compliance monitoring and remediation. All of this is achieved using an intuitive, secure and vendor-independent platform, without the need for connecting to each device using proprietary command-line interfaces, vendor-specific consoles, or custom scripts.

Customers around the world trust in Restorepoint to reduce administration overheads, enhance security, enable compliance, and reduce the impact and cost of downtime.

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