Restorepoint announces the general release of two new device plug-ins that enable organisations to automate key security administration tasks for Check Point's new Gaia operating system, as well as an enhanced plugin for Blue Coat ProxySG models.

Check Point Gaia support

The new Check Point Gaia plug-in allows organisations to centralise and automate the processes of backing up Check Point appliances running the newly released Check Point Gaia software and storing those configurations securely for Disaster Recovery and Compliance. Restorepoint supports all Check Point security gateways and management platforms such as Smart-1, SmartCenter and Provider-1. 

Juniper SA support

Restorepoint's Juniper SA (Secure Access) plug-in now provides full backup and recovery of both the XML and the binary configurations. Restorepoint's support for Juniper SA is unique and fully automated, unlike other solutions including Juniper's own NSM (Network Security Manager)

Blue Coat ProxySG plug-in enhanced to backup encrypted keyring

Restorepoint now makes the process of restoring a Blue Coat ProxySG configuration easier than ever following a hardware failure or when migrating a configuration to a new appliance. The enhanced Blue Coat device plug-in is now able to also backup and recover the encrypted keyring which would otherwise be a manual and complex operation.

"Each of these new Restorepoint device plug-ins demonstrates once again how we simplify network administration and enable organisations to focus on network policy rather than needing to understand all of the mechanics of managing multi-vendor networks" said Michael Bell, Restorepoint's Director of Sales Operations.

Restorepoint now supports devices from 43 Network, Security and storage manufacturers. These latest device plug-ins are immediately available and have been delivered to customers Restorepoint appliances automatically. Evaluation licenses of Restorepoint including these new plug-ins are available at:


About Restorepoint

The Restorepoint platform is a cost effective solution that helps increase network availability, maintain network SLAs and compliance standards by simplifying and automating time consuming network operations.

Restorepoint is a brand name of TADASoft, the market leaders in network configuration management for complex multi-vendor networks. Restorepoint enables organisations to meet their business continuity and compliance requirements by automating time consuming processes such as network configuration backup, configuration change tracking, compliance monitoring and remediation. All of this is achieved using an intuitive, secure and vendor-independent platform, without the need for connecting to each device using proprietary command-line interfaces, vendor-specific consoles, or custom scripts.

Customers around the world trust in Restorepoint to reduce administration overheads, enhance security, enable compliance, and reduce the impact and cost of downtime.

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