Restorepoint, the market leader in network infrastructure automation, delivers new features that enable customers to simplify multi-vendor network administration and enhance compliance.

Simplified Network Device Control

Device Control saves administrators time by enabling them to visually select a group of network deices from the Restorepoint device list, and send a command (or set of commands) that would otherwise be entered manually for each device using the device CLI. 

Device Control commands can be saved and reused with parameters so that changes can be made to tens, hundreds or thousands of network devices with a few clicks of a mouse and by only filling in just the parameters of the command. The possibilities are endless, but this function is ideal for updating passwords, or changing SNMP locations for example,  just select the devices to control, then run the stored command and enter the new password or community, and Restorepoint will do the rest automatically.

Granular Compliance Policies

The Restorepoint configuration compliance engine has been enhanced to provide more granular analysis for device configurations from vendors such as Check Point or F5 which have structured configuration files. Now when creating or editing a configuration rule you can now target specific files within the configuration that the rule will apply to.

Granular User Permissions

Enterprise edition now enables organisations to extend access to Restorepoint, allowing different technical and even non technical staff to use Restorepoint to support their work. Providing access to third-parties, support desks, compliance officers or asset managers as just a few examples is possible. Granular user permissions can be assigned to different user profiles, controlling access and visibility to the different functions and live network data within Restorepoint.

"This latest update adds simple but powerful automation features to Restorepoint" Michael Bell, Restorepoint's Director of Sales Operations said. "Organisations can typically spend hours each week making mundane changes to their networks, logging in to each and every device to make a change or change a passwrod for example. We know some organisations that spend days each month changing passwords, which could be achieved at a lower cost with a few mouse clicks using Restorepoint."

"The new user permissions functionality is also a great advance, and allows other users outside the network or security teams to safely collaborate using the Restorepoint platform as a central and live hub of network asset data. Today asset information or compliance policies are tracked using spreadsheets and email which takes time and will never be up to date. Restorepoint allows even non technical staff to add or track information on real live network assets, allowing engineers to do what they need to, rather than spend time on checking and double checking the accuracy of information in spreadsheets."

All existing customer appliances will receive the new features as part of an automatic update.  Evaluation licenses of Restorepoint including these new features are available at:


About Restorepoint 

The Restorepoint platform is a cost effective solution helps increase network availability, maintain network SLAs and compliance standards by simplifying and automating time consuming network operations.

Restorepoint is a brand name of TADASoft, the market leaders in network configuration management for complex multi-vendor networks. Restorepoint enables organisations to meet their business continuity and compliance requirements by automating time consuming processes such as network configuration backup, configuration change tracking, compliance monitoring and remediation. All of this is achieved using an intuitive, secure and vendor-independent platform, without the need for connecting to each device using proprietary command-line interfaces, vendor-specific consoles, or custom scripts.

Customers around the world trust in Restorepoint to reduce administration overheads, enhance security, enable compliance, and reduce the impact and cost of downtime.

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